Multibelt - DISTRIBUTOR of conveyor and transmission belts

Multibelt Co was established in 1981 to provide a much needed service to companies in the South East of England requiring Conveyor and Transmission belting products and Site fitting facilities. We are able to provide this from our premises in Erith, Kent.

As a result, our company has now become a major independent stockist of belting and allied products. supplying industries throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Our customers include some of the larger UK companies, a number of which are major food producers and machine manufacturers.

We are a member of the Habasit Network Partnership and Main Distributor for the "Flexco" Belt Fastening products. In addition we can offer belting etc, from all other leading manufacturers, and feel confident that we can offer products to suit all applications allied to conveying and transmission requirements.

We at Multibelt Co pride ourselves on providing a speedy and efficient service for the customer, large or small, including a belt repair service, where appropriate.


Industries Served

Food Industry, Printing, Laundries, Carton & Board Mfrs, Packaging, Airports, Parcel Handling.

Service & Repairs

Site Fitting, Belt Surveys & Belt Repairs.

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